Do you know what your friends and relatives say behind your back after you depart from their house after an extended stay? You can rest assured that they are not saying good things about you. It would not be wrong in stating that you too would feel the same if one of your relatives or friends stayed for an extended period at your house, particularly when both you and your partner attend office. As it is, life is so hectic that you hardly get any time to relax, apart from the weekends.

Tired at the end of the day

More often than not both of you return dead tired after a hard day's work in the office. Preparing meals and washing the washing the cutlery after completing dinner is a Herculean task. Add to this the additional labour of preparing food for the guest (it makes no difference if he is a friend or a relative), washing his garments, and even arranging for a separate soap and towel for him (obviously, you do not like this but are courteous enough not to display your displeasure before the visitor). If you tend to react like that, you can rest assured that others will follow suit when you stay at their places while visiting a city. It is better to stay in a hotel instead.

Strange people

It seems ridiculous to see the lengths people will go to save money by staying at their friend's place or at their relative's house even if their place they need to visit daily is on the other end of the city. They hardly realise that the amount they spend in transportation costs, commuting to that place and returning to where they have lodged, costs them more than living in a hotel situated close to their place of work. This is the height of foolishness as they find out at the end of the trip when they calculate the overall expenses of the trip.

Cut down on travelling expenses

It works out cheaper staying in a hotel instead. For example, if your business demands you to travel to Derry city, and stay a couple of days over there, make sure that you search online for hotel derry city. You will find many hotels across a wide range of prices. Some of them include

City Hotel Derry (4 star)

Maldron Hotel Derry (4 star)

Waterfront Hotel (3 star)

Travelodge Derry (3 star)

More information on hotel derry city

Online booking and amenities

You can book rooms in the above mentioned hotel and many other hotel Derry city by visiting their website, filling up the online form with the date of your arrival and departure, and completing the process by paying the lodging expenses via credit card. Most of them provide

Free WiFi connection (no need to bother your friend by asking him for his internet connection)

Laundry service

Room service

Bar Restaurant

Other facilities and a grand reception

Quite a few of them also offer free breakfast along with shuttle service to and from the airport. Some of them provide air conditioned rooms. The best part is that you save a lot of money on travelling expenses and are sure to get a grand reception when you visit your friend or relative for meeting them for a couple of hours during the weekend.